Nature’s Botanicals Inc. is a research-oriented company based in Ontario, Canada with expertise, research skills and material resources in the field of natural product formulation and development. By phytochemical, toxicological, pharmacological and clinical standardization and validation of new health and cosmetic products, Nature’s Botanicals Inc. is committed to providing a better and healthier life to one and all.


More and more, people are beginning to understand this danger, and they are looking for alternative medicines, plant protection, and alternative fuels to save the planet and the people. The availability of such alternative products is limited; and those presently available on the market are from Asian countries like China and India, often with insufficient pharmacological evidence to prove their efficacy. Our research is backed by the experience of senior scientists with over 35 years in the development of medicinal products for human, veterinary, and agricultural use.

Nature’s Botanicals’ mission is building a bridge between the understanding of the role of Himalayan and Amazon rainforest plants in natural healing and the search for modern alternative applications in preventative and complementary alternative health care. Nature’s Botanicals Inc. wants to discover, validate and employ traditional knowledge for better mankind throughout the world.


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